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Mono no aware (物の哀れ)

‘Aesthetics of Impermanence. It was in the early morning someday in May, I spotted this reflection of a sakura tree on a canal in Hakodate, also those beautiful leaves on the surface water that just started to fall. In Japan, sakura viewing or 'Hanami' is an essential activity where families and young people gather to picnic under the sakura trees. Cherry blossom is not more beautiful than other flowers, but the fact that it falls within a week, and just a gentle breeze can blow away those fragile, beautiful flowers. Those are reasons to humbly celebrate the impermanence and cherish the excellent quality of Mono no aware’

Hokkaido, JAPAN


Limited Edition of 25

Print size: A3 (297mm X 420mm) 

Paper: Awagami Kozo Washi 

Framing style: Mounted on Dibon, and Natural wood floating frame. 

Price: JPY 66,000 (tax included)

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